Stagetruck have been trusted to transport music tours across Europe and beyond for over 40 years. From the first club tour to the highest grossing tours of the year, Stagetruck have done them all.

When it comes to concert transportation companies, our knowledge and experience of route planning, ferries, local and national restrictions, customs formalities and visa processing is second to none and you are always guaranteed a personal 24/7 service to ensure your show stays on the road.

It is well documented that todays artists make their money on tour, and budgets are as tight as ever. Stagetruck work with you to ensure you are getting the service you expect at a price that works on the balance sheet too.

Our drivers are in house trained and we work on a basis of continual personal development to ensure they look after you, your artist and the equipment they carry as you would expect of a 40 year industry leader.

With the strict laws governing the driver’s hours in Europe, second drivers are now playing a large part in the planning and execution of tour schedules. Stagetruck ensure from the outset you are informed of when and where these drivers are required to either facilitate your tour driver’s weekly rest periods or to extend the driving hours to fit the tour. We also highlight areas where some “day off” parking can ensure the tour driver gets the breaks they require and in most cases avoid the need for a second driver.

Stagetruck have been leading the industry for 40 years – isn’t it time you made the right call?

Hassle free touring logistics management regardless of the size of your show
Our vehicles are maintained to exceed manufacturers recommendations
We provide assistance in the routing of your tour to save time and money
We work closely with your promoter to organise all country and city driving permits
We can supply ATA or TIR Carnets
We organise all facets of any required double/triple or even quadruple drivers. Flights, hotels and transfers are all handled by us
We will organise all your driver’s non EU visa requirements

Let us help you plan your tour.

Haul of fame

Billy Connolly
The Pogues
First Aid Kit
Stone Sour
A Day To Remember
Hugh Laurie
Tegan and Sarah
Gary Moore

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