Mega Curtain Side

Taking the mega to a new level.

Do you need a side loading trailer with the same capacity and flexibility as a mega box? Then look no further. Our mega curtain side trailers have fully opening side curtains with the ability to lift the roof to ensure your equipment goes in without any damage, where traffic laws allow, these trailers can be used in a higher roof position. These trailers are code XL certified and travel with a full compliment of side running boards should you require them and also cross platform lock bars, designed in conjunction with the trailer these can be used to restrain items which can only be restrained from the front or rear and are also code XL recognised.

We have fitted these trailers with exterior facing spotlights to ensure the safest loading environment and all our trailers have a full compliment of 10,000kgs load straps to ensure your goods get to where they need to.

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Length 44' 8" 13.61m

Height 9' 7" 2.92m

Width 8' 2.44m

Equipment Side running boards, integral rear security system and TIR certified integral trailer seal, exterior facing spot lights, load restraint, additional load restraint as required, lifting roof


Stagetruck Mega Curtain Side
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