22 date Show Transportation for Kate Bush

We were excited and honoured to be asked to do the trucking for Kate Bush at Hammersmith. Her last tour was 35 years ago so this was a very prestigious set of shows.

We loaded into Hammersmith over five days, with the trucks doing multiple loads. The show was very technical and took some time to get everything in and set up for the concerts.

We had two trailers on site the whole time used as storage for the set that came in and out during each show and at the end of the run we loaded out over 3 days with up to 14 trucks. We also stored the Hammersmith seating dollies on our flat bed trailer, these where removed as every available bit of space was required

Duration 22 days

No. of trucks 8 trucks

Additional services Storage on site, storage of the seating dollies from the venue


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